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Snap Judgement & KQED Tickets

Fox Theater | Oakland, California

Snap Judgement & KQED

Make some noise, pop fans! On Friday 13th October 2023, Snap Judgement & KQED is bringing down the Fox Theater’s stage for an anxiously awaited day of heart-pounding pop music! The record-breaking artist is out touring across the United States, traveling to dozens of cities with a sensational series of shows that will have whole crowds dancing the night away. The Fox Theater, a highly rated concert venue in downtown Oakland, California, features the latest in lighting and sound technologies that will enhance your experience to otherworldly levels. Sing your heart and lungs out as a collection of multi-awarded pop hits fill your ears. Don't be shy. Break your moves out! Celebrate the moment with the rest of the crowd! This awe-inspiring event of musical energy promises electricity in the air and bonafide pop beats that you'll be humming on your way home. On Friday 13th October 2023, Snap Judgement & KQED is raising the Fox Theater's roof! Book your tickets now by hitting the button below!

Coming this fall, today's hottest pop icon is singing LIVE at the Fox Theater on Friday 13th October 2023 for the Snap Judgement & KQED show! Witness this musical tour de force let loose a shockwave of pop beats in a night you’ll never ever forget.

After many years since the star's debut, the critically acclaimed singer embarks on a North America tour this 2023, with various city stops lined up and shows scheduled, including one in Oakland, California. The Fox Theater will act as the host, offering five-star facilities, which include a marvelous stage and pinprick-accurate sound systems guaranteed to highlight the pop star's dynamic voice down to the subtlest of notes.

Showcasing the hottest pop anthems, this concert will include beloved classics, rising hits, and everything in between. Our featured artist is best known for free-flowing melodies and undeniably catchy wordplay that always embed themselves in the ears of listeners. Their vocals–smooth and springy simultaneously–coax heads to bob along with the rhythm without fail.

Snap Judgement & KQED will also double as a stylishly choreographed presentation with controlled lights illuminating a vibrant backdrop. Through a series of elaborate dance numbers, each and every stage performer will endow you with a high-octane partying zeal. Make sure you bring someone to dance with (or make a new friend at the event!), as this once-in-a-blue-moon concert urges you to swing your limbs to each reverberating beat.

You're invited to the party on Friday 13th October 2023, at the Fox Theater, Oakland! Hurry up and book your tickets ASAP to see THE pop concert of the year: Snap Judgement & KQED LIVE!

Snap Judgement & KQED at Fox Theater

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