George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Fox Theater Oakland

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Tickets

Fox Theater | Oakland, California

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

Fox Theater at Oakland just have a limited amount of tickets for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. You won't hear better reggae music anywhere else, other than George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. Only the best sound engineers ensure that the music sounds awesome and the the artists shine brightly on the set. Everyone performing at this gig are nothing but reggae gold, and the venue itself, has everything you could possibly need for a night to remember. But if you delay, you lose out, so be sure to purchase your tickets right here before it is too late.

Join the rest of the reggae fans in celebrating George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. All the biggest fans will be there. The reggae shows at Fox Theater and Oakland are consistently some of the hottest parties you'll find anywhere on the planet. The venue is also phenomenal and this level of quality cannot be found anywhere else. The amazing thing about Reggae is that it is a performance art, and that means the musicians at this show really do understand how to perform. Just like the genre, this will be easy going so don't worry, your job is to dance the night away and it really does not matter if you'll be the "life of the party" or "the happiest participant there", the production team has done all the hard work for everything from really cool lighting to bass thumping sound. This is going to be the party of the year, and you really don't want to not be there. Be warned! Tickets are fast becoming limited but we have your back! Be sure to snap up your tickets right now otherwise someone else will have your spot, and we all know that is not a nice feeling.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Fox Theater

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